PollyWorld is a Canadian-American-Korean direct-to-video animated film from Universal Studios, based on the Polly Pocket toy franchise. It is the third film preceding Lunar Eclipse and 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza, and the only one that is feature-length. It premiered on November 12, 2006, on Nickelodeon and later on Cartoon Network in the United States, and was released on DVD the following Tuesday.

Publisher's Description[edit | edit source]

Polly Pocket™ makes her movie debut in POLLYWORLD™! Join Polly as she hits the world's most fabulicious amusement park full of monster good rides, the ultimate shopping experience, and music to the max including a not-to-be-missed performance by Polly and the Pockets!

Synopis[edit | edit source]

Polly Pocket and her four friends get to be part of their favorite TV show, 'Roll Like That', which puts teams of five through several challenges to win money for the charity of their choice.

As the challenges begin, however, Polly learns that her father is engaged to a woman named Lorali, who secretly wants to get Polly out of the way. Polly and her friends also have to try to get past the scheming Beth, who teams up with Lorali to get Polly to be sent to boarding school.

Faced with the prospect of losing everything she loves, her friends, family, and home, Polly decides to make this weekend the best.

Plot (Beware Spoilers*)[edit | edit source]

Polly Pocket and her friends Shani, Lea, Lila and Crissy, as well their entire class get to be part of their favorite TV show, 'Roll Like That' which is being held at Polly's dad's theme park Pollyworld. In teams of five, they will compete in challenges to win money for the charity of their choice.

As the challenges begin, however, Polly learns that her father is engaged to a woman named Lorelei, who seems to like Polly. Later that night the first competition takes place. Beth overhears Lorelei's phone conversation and learns of her true colors: she's jealous of Polly and thinks she's too much competition, which is why she's plotting to send her to boarding school. Afterward, Beth blackmails Lorelei into letting her help send Polly off to boarding school. That night John takes Polly and her friends to go shopping with Lorelei's help. They end the first-night watching fireworks.

The next morning Polly confides in Lila asking her what she thinks about Lorelei. Lila suggests that Polly buy them an engagement present. Polly invites Lorelei to skate and grab burgers with them for lunch. Team Pocket comes up with a plan to fool team Beth by pretending to be in a fight later that afternoon during the Rain Forest River Race. Lorelei uses this plan to her advantage in fooling John into thinking Polly is stressed and needs to attend boarding school.

After Team Pocket wins, Polly and Samuel go shopping for an engagement present. To keep the gift a surprise, Polly lies to her dad/John that she is hanging out with friends. John catches her in the lie, but goes along with it and asks Lorelei for advice. While shopping, Samuel tells Polly to give Lorelei a chance. While Polly is away, Lorelei tricks Samuel into feeling guilty for stepping into a parental mother figure role for Polly. Samuel informs Polly he will be taking a leave of absence.

An upset Polly goes to her father, who breaks the news that Polly will be attending boarding school starting Monday. Polly's friends cheer her up and they decide to make this the best weekend ever. During the third challenge, Crissy's fear of rollercoasters prevents her from riding the tallest rollercoaster, the Polly Whirl. Supporting Crissy Team Pocket decides to go elsewhere, but Crissy can't stand losing to Team Beth. During Team Beth and Team Pocket's rollercoaster face-off, Beth spills that she knew about boarding school, making Polly suspicious.

Later that night Shani finds a recorded conversation on her camera of Beth asking Lorelei if Polly is going to boarding school. They decide to show this to John to prove Lorelei's plan. In the end, Polly decides not to show her dad/John the DVD because she cares more about his happiness.

The next day Beth traps Team Pocket underneath the stage before the final competition. The show begins with no sign of Team Pocket. At the last minute, Team Pocket appears and performs "Rock This Town." Frustrated about potentially losing, Beth drags Lorelei into another room to discuss their plan. Beth accidentally sits on a button that turns on the microphone and broadcasts their entire conversation to the audience. John finds out about Lorelei's plan & cancels the engagement. As Lorelei runs after John, Beth takes advantage of being on the big screen to show off her mad cheerleading skills only to trip and get tangled in wires, causing the audience to laugh at her. Team Thrash wins the Roll Like That competition. Afterward, Polly comforts her dad, they hug, and he tells her that she doesn't have to go to Boarding school anymore.

Together Team Pocket celebrates their best weekend ever watching fireworks.

Cast & Characters[edit | edit source]














Donovan Wav

Caroline Hall

Script[edit | edit source]

PollyWorld Script

DVD Bonus Features[edit | edit source]

Some printable activity pages on the DVD ROM of the PollyWorld DVD.

Monster cool games:

  • The Extravenger -- Join Team Pocket in a series of fun challenges that test agility, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and endurance in the Extreme Scavenger Hunt -- The Extravenger! Some of the fun activities include:

Ride the Rapids Upstream -- As Team Pocket paddles their raft upstream, players generate power for the team by matching a pattern of arrow buttons.

  • Stretch a Licorice Whip Across PollyWorld™ -- Play along with Team Pocket as they build a licorice whip that stretches all the way across PollyWorld™ by fitting the correct piece of licorice into the empty spaces.
  • Cannon Ball -- When the bar at the bottom of the screen is in the maximum power position, it's time to make the biggest splash in the wave pool and swamp the competition!
  • Project Polly: Pick the perfect outfit
  • Team Pocket's Groovin' PDA profiler: Which of the supertastic totally awesome Pocket gal pals are you most like? Only Polly's personal PDA can tell you! Polly's PDA asks a series of probing questions to figure out which member of Team Pocket you have the most in common with. After that, go to a special file and get-to-know any member of the team as well as you do your very best friend!
  • Spectabulous "Rock This Town" music video
  • Polly Pocket's fabulicious fashion magazine (DVD-ROM): Don't just imagine editing your dream fashion magazine -- make it a reality and Be the editor of your own Polly Pocket fashion magazine. Design Customize the latest fab outfits and cool accessories for Polly™ and The Pockets, place your sweet pics in the magazine, then print a unique, made-to-order, trendy fashion mag. Comes complete with lots of different clothes, colors, accessories, shoes, hats, and styles, plus articles written by Polly™ and her pals. You can even upload a picture of yourself for the magazine and write your own cool articles for you and your friends! Plus downloadable wallpapers, coloring pages, and much, much more!

POLLYWORLD TOYS[edit | edit source]

Additionally, girls can relive key moments from the movie with a complete range of "PollyWorld™" toys and products including:

  • PollyWorld™ Rockin' Theme Park™ Playset
  • PollyWorld™ Costume Cart
  • PollyWorld™ Gift Shop
  • PollyWorld™ Dress & Drive™ Lounge
  • PollyWorld™ Limo-Scene™ Vehicle
  • PollyWorld™ Dial a Song™ Assortment
  • PollyWorld™ Park Pals™ Assortment

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

1. "Welcome to My World"

  • Performed by Michele Vice-Maslin
  • Song by Amy Powers, Michele Vice-Maslin and Dorian Cheah
  • Produced and arranged by Michele Vice-Maslin and Dorian Cheah
  • All instruments by Dorian Cheah

2. "Smile"

  • Performed by Simply Red
  • Song by Mick Hucknall and Ian Kirkham
  • Used by permission of Verve Music Group and EMI April Music, Inc. (ASCAP) & Copyright Control Courtesy of simplyred.com

3. "Perfect Day"

  • Performed by Sara Niemietz
  • Song by Amy Powers, Lukasz Gotwald, Marjorie Maye and Steve Wolf

4. "Another Word for Change"

  • Performed by Cassidy Ladden
  • Song by Russ DeSalvo and Marjorie Maye
  • Used by permission of MPL Music Publishing Inc. (ASCAP), Magnetic Force Music (ASCAP), Time to Fly Music (BMI), and EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (PRS)

5. "Every Day's a Holiday"

  • Performed by Robyn Newman
  • Song by Joleen Belle and Niv Davidovich
  • Used by permission of Wild Pink Music (administered by the Royalty Network, Inc.) (ASCAP) and Spirit Music Group (ASCAP)

6. "Rock N' Roll Girl"

  • Performed by Jordan McCoy courtesy of Clockwork Entertainment and Bad Boy Worldwide
  • Song by Mike Shimshack, Kyle Kelso and Alan Schaefer
  • Produced by Mike Shimshack and Kyle Kelso
  • Used by permission of Wild Pink Music (ASCAP) and BOK Music (BMI)

7. "Rock This Town"

  • Performed by Cassidy Ladden
  • Song by Martin Briley and Marjorie Maye
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8. "Rock U Now"

  • Performed by Cassidy Ladden
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are three previews on the DVD, which include Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses, and The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers: Flip, Flap and Fly music video.
  • There are some shots where Lorelei has an engagement ring, which keeps disappearing.

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