Pia violin

Pia Pocket is Polly Pocket's cousin. She was only in the 2005 movie Polly Pocket: 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza. In the Spanish version of the movie, she is voiced by Anny Sanchez.


Pia goes to boarding school in England, so she is very respectful, polite and proper. She does ballet, horseback riding, speaks Russian, French and Japanese and plays the violin. She performed with Polly and the Pockets at the Pocket Plaza. She cannot play the drums, guitar, keyboard or sing, however she does enjoy singing along to her favorite songs. Pia also owns a white, fluffy cat which she brings almost everywhere.


Pia usually wears neat, proper clothing, until Polly and her friends gave her a makeover. Her hair was originally dirty blonde, but is now the same color as Polly's. She is the same age as Polly and her friends, which is about 12-14 years old.




  • "Can you sing?" Pia- "Not a note."
  • "I've always envisioned myself as a drummer... Perhaps my vision was a tad off."
  • "Thank you." (After Beth picks up her things)
  • "Speaking of my serious lack of vocal talent..."
  • "Miss Throckmorton, I'm sorry, I knew I shouldn't have lied to you..."