"Perfect Day" is a song used in the 2004 movie Polly Pocket , the 2005 movie Polly Pocket: 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza and the 2006 movie PollyWorld.


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Ever had that perfect kinda day?
Everything is working out
When the lights all go your way
The music's up and the top is down
Gotta love that perfect kinda day
No work, all play

You want it
You got it
Love is like a waterfall, baby you can have it all
You're rollin'
You're rockin'
One, two, three four

Just another perfect kinda day
Hey, hey, hey, hey
When the pleasure never goes away
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Everything's going right)
Gotta smile on your face
The sun is shining diamond-bright
Gotta love that perfect kinda day
It's A-okay

You want it (want it)
You got it (got it)
Anything is possible, when you're so unstoppable
You want it...
You got it...

POLLY - Perfect kinda day

POLLY - Perfect kinda day