Lila Draper is one of the main characters in the series. She is voiced by Brittney Wilson (2003-2006), Kate Higgins (2011-2015), and Shannon Chan-Kent (2018-present). In the Spanish version of Polly Pocket: 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza, Lila was voiced by Claudia Cotte.


She is described to be sweet and fashionable. In the new series, Lila is a fashionista who loves to go shopping for the latest styles, trends and accessories. She's considered the drama queen of the group and believes in superstitions. Her fashion style is glam. She is sweet and is best friends with Crissy, as well as a talented dancer.

In the old series, Lila was Polly's best friend and was a shy, quiet, insecure girl, who loved to compliment people on their outfits. She liked reading, animals, music, sports, fashion and was a member of Polly and the Pockets, where she played the keyboard. She also has a keen interest in photography.


The accent still sounds a little phoney

Lila has short brown hair and light purple eyes. In the first Polly Pocket movie, she's the shortest member in the group. In Pollyville, her hair and eyes change to strawberry blonde and blue eyes. Her style often relies on a lot of yellow, green, blue and purple. In the old series, her hair rarely changed length / color / style like the other main characters. (for example, Polly's hair was sometimes shortened to a bob, sometimes she had a fringe and sometimes it was different shades of blonde or had colored streaks in it) Lila is the characters in the new series September 2004. She is voiced by Brittney Wilson

However, her skin tone is sometimes tanned and sometimes very pale. As you can see in the photo above, it is darker than Ana's, but in the photo on the right it is the same as hers. However do note that they were in different movies with slightly different graphics.


She is also friends with Polly's cousin, Pia.



  • "If I didn't know you any better, I'd think you were my best friend."
  • "Question: Why are you taking pictures of your clothes?"
  • "Next time, bring enough to go around."
  • "We've got to give Polly the heads up! Run, Lea! Run!"
  • "Hurry, Polly, hurry!"
  • "It's Polly. Where are you?"
  • "You guys do what you have to do to save that dolphin!"
  • "My part of the speech is lame."
  • "Then I'll get an F, get grounded and won't be able to play at the dance!"
  • "Remember what happened last time? You be the judge. Mole -friend or foe?"