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Charmed I'm Sure is the 2nd episode of Pollyville.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Polly creates the first Pollyville Fashion Show for fun, but Lila wants everything to be perfect. Polly then introduce the models, which all the outfits were created by Crissy. When she walks the isle to the 2nd part, she accidentally falls and pushes the gang to the mud, which makes them dirty. Soon, they got cleaned up in the salon. Lila wears a bracelet, which she believes that is cursed. Shani researches on it, and neither of them except Lila believes that it isn't cursed. Then Polly plans to have a Backward Fashion Show. Lila gets nervous about the bracelet. Polly tells that Lila doesn't need perfect if she has friends. Lila then figures out that her trying to be perfect was causing all the bad luck. Lila then tries to make things fun for the fashion show and rocks it.

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