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Template Creators

Attention Polly fans! I wanna add a song template to each of the Polly Pocket. Songs from all three films, but is there anyone here knows how to make a song template?

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Ana9183luiza Ana9183luiza 1 December 2020

Polly pocket live action

Desenho polly pocket será bem parecida no desenho ou live action será bem parecida com a Polly pocket baseada em desenho animado ganhar um live action da mattel


Meg donelly como polly pocket

Riele Downs como shani

Sadie Stanley como Lila

Paul Hopkins como john(pai da polly)

Marie Ward como lucy(mãe da polly)

Sadie Soverall como betty

Sadie Sink como lea

Gabriella Pizzolo como crissy

Milo Manheim como todd

Baby Ariel como ana

Jace norman como richard

Dove Cameron como pia

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BanaBerry BanaBerry 22 November 2020

List of All pages in the Polly Pocket Wiki Fandom

Here is a list of (almost) all pages. If you find or add a new page please add it here. Thanks!

  1. Ana
  2. Animated Series
  3. Beth
  4. Characters
  5. Crissy
  6. Cutants Friends Collection
  7. Donovan
  8. Episodes
  9. Films
  10. Grandma Pocket
  11. John
  12. Kerstie
  13. Lea
  14. List of Episodes
  15. List of All Pages
  16. Lila Draper 
  17. Lorelei
  18. Merchandise 
  19. Mom Pocket
  20. Paxton Pocket
  21. Pierce Pocket
  22. Pia
  23. Polly Pocket (Films)
  24. PollyWorld
  25. Polly Pocket: 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza
  26. Polly Pocket: Lunar Eclipse
  27. Polly
  28. Polly Pocket 
  29. Rick
  30. Samuel
  31. Shani
  32. Script
  33. Todd
  34. Website 
  35. Webisodes
  36. Birthday Bashed!
  37. Dance Invasion
  38. Double Diva
  39. Frankenbubble
  40. Gotcha!
  41. Message in a Battle
  42. Necklost!
  43. Picture Perfect
  44. The Case of the Missing Pearl
  45. Aqua Awesome! Aquarium
  46. ==Toys: ==
  47. Club Groove Par-tay Bus
  48. Cookie Caper
  49. Crissy and Sheepwich Cookie
  50. Cutant + Doll Electropop World 2
  51. Dare to Hair Cafe Cool …
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Leonor Mesquita Leonor Mesquita 7 September 2020

Polly Pocket Pia

Pia is Polly's Cousin.

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Leonor Mesquita Leonor Mesquita 7 September 2020

Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket is a franchise sincs 1989

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787716 787716 18 July 2020

Favorite Movie

After seeing all 3 Polly Pocket Movies on YouTube when I couldn't get them on DVDs as a tween, I wanna share my first movie review, but first Which movie was your favorite?

  • Lunar Eclipse
  • 2 Cool At the Pocket Plaza
  • PollyWorld
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787716 787716 6 July 2020

Old Polly Pocket vs. New Polly Pocket

The first time I actually heard of Polly Pocket was when my friend had one of these 90s vintage compacts, but I didn't actually grew to love it until 2002 until 2009 and that's when the changes starts. So which Polly Pocket era is your favorite?

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 30 November 2017

Polly Pocket Merchandise

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Cheezecakegirl Cheezecakegirl 30 September 2014


im doing this to get the badge

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HatsuneMikuFan3939 HatsuneMikuFan3939 7 June 2014

Edits for Polly Pocket wiki

Hi there everyone! So I just logged in to the wiki, and I realised there a lot of wikis that we need to edits and I even looked in the comments and noticed a few people complaining about some pages. So here is the list of some pages that we need to edit and hope and they will be better.

1) Shani- description and her looks during the PollyWorld movie

2) PollyWorld movie (which I had created)- detailed sypnosis, pictures

3)The main characters in the Polly Pocket show- their new look (as seen in Polly's Party Problem)

So, that's all I've notice in this that I find that we can improve. I will also try my best to edit as much as I can as well. 


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Kasumi.dunuwila Kasumi.dunuwila 28 January 2014


She is very sporty

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Kasumi.dunuwila Kasumi.dunuwila 28 January 2014


She is very nice

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Kasumi.dunuwila Kasumi.dunuwila 28 January 2014

Polly pocket characters

Polly pocket is the best

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