(Scene opens at school with Polly and her friends, Lila, Ana and Shani, in the quad)

Polly: Sorry to keep you waiting. But I didn't wanna get you distracted during school

Lila: Too late. I was distracted all day trying to figure out what the surprise is.

(Polly's friend, Lea, shows up)

Lea: Sorry, I'm late. I have to run all the way from the gym.

(Shani clears her throat)

Polly: Right. It's the opening weekend of Pocket Plaza, the first six star hotel in history and yours truly has a standing reservation in the penthouse suite.

Lila: but how does it affect us?

Polly: I was just getting to that part my dad said I could bring anyone I wanted, so consider this your live invite. (Lila, Ana, Shani and Lea jumped up and cheer in excitement) And get this, there's going to be a massive poolside bash, all proceeds go to charity of course and my dad said our band can warm up for the hottest pop star of the planet.

Lila, Ana, Shani and Lea: Eric Walder?

Polly: The one and only. (Lila, Ana, Shani and Lea all squeal in excitement) And since it's a super special ocassion, I invited cousin Pia. I haven't seen her in over a year and I can't wait for you guys to meet her.

Beth: Why does the cool stuff always happen to Polly? (opens her purse and takes out her compact mirror) Do you realize if she performs on national tv, she'll be even more popular?

But she is the most popular girl in school.

Beth (opens her compact): Which means at number 2, i won't be able to take the number one spot.

Polly: Ollie!

(Scene: Traffic Jam)

(Scene: Pocket Plaza)

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